What’s happening?

    Tim Burke has announced his plans to retire from OPPD, effective July 2, 2021, to spend well-earned time with his family, while continuing his work in the community. Tim has informed the Board of Directors, who are working with the Human Capital team, on next steps in selecting a successor. The Board of Directors: 1) will conduct an internal search 2) will ask employees and the public for their input on leadership qualities they wish to see in a new CEO and 3) will announce finalists in early May with a final selection in mid to late May.

    Why is Tim retiring in July? Did the polar vortex or the pandemic have anything to do with it?

    Tim has chosen to retire in July primarily to spend more time with his growing family. Additionally, Tim communicated this decision to Senior Management and the Board in early February and believes OPPD is in a position of strength. With strong financial performance, operations and strategic plans in place, he felt OPPD was in a good position to welcome the next era of leadership. OPPD’s response to recent events, including the pandemic and polar vortex only strengthened his position that OPPD was in a great place.

    Who is applying? What will the process look like?

    The board outlined the process for interested candidates during the Tuesday, March 16, 2021 board committee meeting. Candidates declared their interest and applied in early April, interviews were conducted throughout April and finalist(s) were announced in late April. After publicly introducing candidates and finalist(s), the Board of Directors would vote on a final selection in mid to late May.

    If an internal candidate is selected, how will his or her position be filled?

    Filling an open role would follow OPPD’s normal selection processes. Based on the skills needed to fill the role, OPPD could conduct internal and/or external searches. Those decisions would be made for each specific role.

    Will a new CEO change OPPD’s strategy?

    In coordination with the CEO, the Board of Directors identifies and defines the vision and mission of OPPD, and establishes the strategic directives OPPD is to achieve in the form of policy. Any new CEO will bring his or her unique skills, talents and perspectives to the role and to the development and implementation of strategy in support of these policies. That being said, OPPD’s Senior Management Team, along with the Board of Directors, are confident in our current direction and seek to continue with the strategic work already in place.

    How will you keep us updated on progress?

    OPPD’s board of directors will keep the public informed of progress during board updates in April and May. As additional updates are available, details will be posted to this page on OPPDCommunityConnect.