What is the Sarpy Transmission Project?

    The Sarpy Transmission Project consists of a new 345/161-kilovolt (kV) transmission line, estimated at 6.5 miles from a substation on 114th Street north of Cornhusker Road to a substation on 144th Street south of Schram Road. The final route alignment is within Sarpy County, Nebraska, and includes the city of Papillion.

    Who is building this transmission line?

    Omaha Public Power District is coordinating all construction activities associated with this project including the coordination of supplemental contractors as required.  

    What is the purpose and benefit of this project?

    Sarpy County is currently experiencing rapid commercial, industrial and residential growth. As your local energy partner, OPPD is preparing to invest in the area to provide the energy needed to grow our region. This project also supports OPPD's commitment to no general rate increase through 2021.

    How is the final route determined?

    A routing process considers and evaluates several criteria, including public input. Stakeholder feedback is obtained at local leader meetings, open houses, a hotline and comments.

    What is an easement?

    A right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose. In this case, the project’s easement will permit the construction, operation and maintenance of an overhead transmission line. The easement also permits the trimming of and removal of trees to prevent them from touching the line. 

    How are transmission line easement widths determined?

    Many factors enter into determining the width of transmission line easements, including voltage, structure design and location of the line with proximity to existing roadways. Easement widths will be based on final design to meet appropriate safety codes.

    How will I know if my property will be impacted?

    OPPD announced a final route in August 2017, and OPPD contacted directly impacted landowners to gather additional data used for detailed design of the transmission line. We also used certified mail to notify all directly impacted landowners in advance of an Oct. 23, 2018, public hearing on the project. During this hearing, we explained the easement acquisition process for those landowners.

    What will the transmission line look like?

    This project will use single-pole, free-standing steel structures. The structures will be 300-500 feet apart and approximately 110 to 185 feet tall.

    Will there be a wind farm located in the area?

    This project does not include a wind farm. Project scope includes a new transmission line to support energy needs for future growth in the area.