How will I know if my property will be impacted?

    All landowners directly impacted by the rebuild will be contacted by OPPD to answer questions and address concerns. 

    Will trees be cut down during construction?

    Trees and power lines are not compatible. OPPD will remove trees within the easement and trees in danger of falling within 15 feet of the power line. Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to trees and vegetation, but some trees and brush will need to be cleared to prepare for construction. 

    What is an easement?

    An easement is an interest in land that permits the use of that land for a specific purpose. In this case, the project’s easement would permit OPPD to constructoperate and maintain overhead transmission lines. The easement also permits the trimming and removal of trees and other vegetation within the easement to prevent them from coming into contact with power lines. 

    How are transmission line easement widths determined?

    Many factors determine the width of transmission line easements, including voltage, wire movements due to wind, structure design, and location of the lines in proximity to existing roadways. Lines carrying higher voltages require greater widths to ensure proper clearances. Easement widths will be approximately 100 feet, or 50 feet on each side of the center line, but there may be exceptions based on final line design. 

    Is OPPD profiting from these new transmission lines?

    OPPD is not-for-profit, public entity that provides reliable, affordable and safe electricity. Revenues are reinvested back into the utility. Public power entities support local economies by providing jobs, tax contributions and supporting policies that safeguard the environment. 

    After the structure has been installed, what happens if damages occur?

    OPPD will pay for damages that may occur due to construction, maintenance, repair, storms, etc. In the event of damage, a Right-of-Way Coordinator would be in contact with the landowner or tenant to reach an agreement on the amount of loss and make repairsAn independent contractor may be considered in this assessment.  

    How will transmission lines affect my property value in the future?

    OPPD cannot predict property valuation, but there are many instances across our service area where power lines and transmission lines coexist with residential, recreational and commercial/industrial areas. 

    Can OPPD rebuild the transmission line underground instead?

    OPPD will not rebuild the transmission line underground due to the significant cost increase.